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from Wendy Dean The Frederick Camera Club?

Hi, I currently live in Fred. Md. I have been interested in joining the camera club. I was wondering if you think it helped you in developing your current style?

I love all of your pic Previous Response:
on August 10, 2008

Without question, the Frederick Club, called the Frederick Camera Clique, was a great help to me. In fact, I tell people all the time to join a photo club. It is the fastest and best way to learn photography. Taking a lot of photos, reading books about photography, and taking photography classes all help, but joing a club is the best, and fastest, way to produce outstanding images.

And the people in photography clubs are wonderful people, interested in the same things you are interested in.

I belong to three clubs -- probably overkill -- but I know it has helped me become a better photographer.

I would urge you to join a club as soon as you can.

Don J. Previous Response:
on July 22, 2011
 No quesiton this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all. 

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