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from Judith MacArthur Hello!

Hi, Don,

I think it is great that you went ahead and set up this site...It looks really good...

You have inspired me to think more about maybe doing it myself.

Judy M. Previous Response:
on September 19, 2005

Thanks for visiting. It was fun, and rather easy to set up this site through Now I can send people to this site to see some of my better images -- without much of the hassle of maintaing and running a site. I better stop because I am beginning to sound like a commercial.

Don J. Previous Response:
on September 26, 2005
 Judy's right on. I occasionally pan through the internet, looking at other folks' work. I finally made the effort to check yours out. It is an electronic treasure chest. I do not pretend to be any kind of expert on this subject but it certainly is the best I've seen. I will make it a point to check this site out from time to time.  Previous Response:
on January 01, 2013
 Everyone would bneefit from reading this post 

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